About us

Hello! We are Kenzi and Aurélie (pronounced O-reɪ-lee. Still not there? Lily will do.)

If you don’t speak French, you probably haven’t seen “Bref, on était des gamins” (you should check it out), anyway, that’s us. We still giggle and squabble like 4 year olds, even though that is rather the age of our relationship than our own.

Kenzi has been trying to grow a mustache since he discovered his hair was growing but as you can see, it turned out to be nothing but a failure. Every other Movember he would look as if he was a teenager on a shaving strike. Luckily he’s got enough hair on his head to make up for that. Old geek as he is, he knows everything about Zelda, Mario, Dofus, ET & Android.

Aurélie believes in equality of sexes so don’t even try to be a gentleman with her nor be surprised if she sometimes has as much hair as you on her legs.
At the age of 18 she took the plane from Brussels to Sydney, suitcase in hand, leaving for her first long solo travel. Not even a month later, she’d switched that suitcase for a backpack. A door to paradise just opened. That flight was like the rabbit hole was to Alice. And she’s never had enough of it since then.

22 plus 24 makes 56, our ages added up together. And probably the amount of orphan socks left in our drawers after having lived together for 3 years. Before deciding to leave, we’ve lived in 2 different apartments, changed our living room and decoration at least 10 times, hosted about 20 people in our home through Couchsurfing, argued about 50 times about who’s going to take the trash out, broken about 14 glasses, owned 3 cats, binge watched over 500 episodes of TV shows, eaten more pizza and fries than we have cooked and traveled to more than 12 countries together.

Even though the look of that text up there wouldn’t tell you that, we both hate math. And routine. Which is why we decided quite spontaneously in October to leave everything behind to start traveling with no return date. First together for 3 months in the US, and then we’ll both go our separate ways. Kenzi to Australia and Aurélie to Nicaragua and below.

Did we save a lot of money? No. We’re starting the trip with about $ 5000 each.
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