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North America Travel

Cheesy feet on wheels

Bryce Canyon

We often were asked why? Why did we decide to hike? To tire the muscles of our legs until stretching them in your sleep wakes you up because it hurts. Tire your feet to the point where your blisters are bigger than the blister cushions you use to cover them. Tire your mind to not being able to think about anything else but “Has it been 1 hour already? When is the next break coming? Damn, these 30 minutes feel like forever” after having traveled through the deepest fantasies of your mind. Maybe a car wouldn’t be a bad idea. After all, didn’t many travelers say a car offered you freedom?

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North America Travel

The (s)trip in Vegas

I remember when we arrived in Kentucky Camp while on the Arizona Trail just 2 weeks ago.
We were both sitting in that couch leaning on each other, getting some rest. I took a break from my readings to soak in all the emotions flowing through me at that particular moment. It reminded me of those evenings at home when we were both sitting in silence on the couch, my eyes closed, feeling that incredible mixture of emotion somewhere between happiness and peace. I guess I could fully understand Prousts’ Madeleine for the first time. For a moment I asked myself why? Why did we leave everything behind? I shared my feelings with Kenzi. We couldn’t come up with an answer..

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Bang for your buck

Cheap travels: They might suck. For some of us.


“You don’t need a lot of money to travel the world”

You’ve seen those articles about cheap travels all over the web. Just reading them will make you picture yourself as a modern bare feet hippie with dresses the colors of sunset and feathers in your long, golden, wavy hair (yup, even you guys) with a wallet empty of cash but full of inspirational quotes about meditation, positive energies and love. And you’ll travel the world for months just like that, happier than ever. (A bit like this)
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